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Scooped by Robin Good!

A Curated Audio-Visual Masterpiece: A Color Map of the Sun by Derek Vincent Smith

Robin Good's insight:

Here's a great curation story. Derek Vincent Smith also known musically as Pretty Lights has published a video album that is a curation masterpiece since its very inception. To create a uniquely personal sound and style Derek has brought to the recording studio tens of musicians to record and master 25 vinyls from which he would then sample, remix and curate the final tracks of his new album.

The videos of the tracks, (here is a short playlist I've created of some of the most representative ones) are equally impressive, as they have been produced by capturing imagery that would be otherwise be considered utterly useless and curated with graphic and visual effects of all kinds as to generate some truly visual masterpieces.

Check the story of the making of the video here: 

The results, in my humble view, are truly stunning. 

See this video to get an idea of it: 

Here we have a music artist who has not simply written music and recorded it, but has conscioulsy produced musical content to the curate from it something new and unique. 

Curation at its best: 10/10

The making of Color Map of the Sun: 

Download free album: 

Download free video and audio tracks via BitTorrent: 

Color Map of the Sun playlist: 

Ra's curator insight, September 12, 2013 12:17 AM

I don't even understand half of what he has done in this film but it is captivating. The music is pretty, the composition of the images is clever and there are moments of levity to break it up. A new slant on curation to create something new. Interesting watching.

Scooped by Robin Good!

Create Your Custom Web Magazine by Curating the Best Content Out There: Keemix

Create Your Custom Web Magazine by Curating the Best Content Out There: Keemix | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Keemix is a web publishing service which allows anyone to create their own web magazine by easily capturing and editing content already available on the web. 

You can create multiple channels/topics covering different topics/interests, share items on social networks and have a personalized Keemix web site with your custom look.

From the official site: "Keemix allows you to gather loved content from the web, mix it into your own custom-designed pages, and share it to inspire your friends and colleagues.

Mixes can be private or public, and administrated individually or collaboratively.

Keemix is tightly integrated with all major social networks and broadcasts your content through feeds or newsletters, helping you reaching like-minded individuals."

A bookmarklet makes it easy to grab any site, article, video, image or text you may run into on the web.

By invitation only. (I don't have one yet)

More info and samples:  

(Thanks to Giuseppe Mauriello for discovering this)

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Scooped by Robin Good!

Creation and Curation Are Part of the Same Spectrum

Creation and Curation Are Part of the Same Spectrum | Content Curation World |

From the original post on by Maria Popova: "What remix culture has taught us is that making derivative works can be a form of real originality, not that all derivative works are original.

In a tangential comment on a discussion of meme culture, a reader of Andrew Sullivan’s nails what needs to be said over and over again – creation andcuration”/remix are a spectrum, not a binary dichotomy, and each point of the spectrum has its own sub-spectrum of greatness and mediocrity."


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