A Curated Online Personal Shop: reKiosk Opens Up a Revenue-Making Opportunity for Digital Product Curators | Content Curation World | Scoop.it

Robin Good: reKiosk is a "network of user-curated digital storefronts where anyone can sell music, books, and other digital files" both of his own production as well as works done by other independent or commercial authors.

reKiosk attempts to re-capture the spirit of the small, dedicated shop, where inspired store owners collect, distribute and put on sale their best work and put on sale a collection of unique findings.

Being able to curate a unique ebooks or music collection and being the proper host for it, here can make all the difference in the world.

Check this:

1) the creator always gets 70% of the sale price.

2) The user who makes the sale collects the distribution commission – which is often as much as 25% of the sale price.

Explore some existing kiosks: https://rekiosk.com/best_sellers

How it works: https://rekiosk.com/how_it_works 

FAQ: https://rekiosk.com/faq 

N.B.: (only US users for now can receive actual money)