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Rescooped by Robin Good from Content Curation for Internal Communication!

Content Curation and How To Engage Your Audience: A Presentation by Shel Holtz

Useful presentation from Shel Holz that shows actual examples of curation for internal communications.

He talks about the stages of the process and demos various examples of how curation is being done by organizations from Ragan and Smart Brief to the NYT.

Shel notes areas where internal communicators could use curation -  for news about the company, competitors, the industry or the marketplace - and shows how AEP curates content on its intranet.

He quotes the head of  internal comms for AEP "The external news helps employees ot better understand the external forces that affect internal decisions. It's clear to me that our employees are much more informed as a result."
Another emerging trend is the ability for employees to share articles from the company , provided they do not contain proprietary information, via social media as a way of promoting the company. 

Shel then turns to the use of curation in training - and shows an example of curated instructional video for a health care client. Another great idea!

Vital professions - how about finding an enthusiastic professional in the firm to curate useful professional info for the others?


 Needless to say, there is a ton of useful, practical information in this presentation. It is an hour long ( including Q&A) but it's definitely worth it.


Original video: ;


Via Alison Harrison
janlgordon's comment, May 6, 2012 11:04 AM
Hi Alison, Good informative video from Shel Holtz and an outstanding job of curation on this piece as well as the other articles in your collection. So happy I found you here, it's a pleasure to meet a fellow curator who is clearly demonstrating how to do this effectively.
Rescooped by Robin Good from Social Media Content Curation!

How Large Organizations Can Leverage Curation: Shel Holtz

How Large Organizations Can Leverage Curation: Shel Holtz | Content Curation World |

From the original feature article by Liz Wilson on


"We asked Shel about how mid- to large-sized organisations can focus their curation efforts, and he outlines four ways organisations large and small can benefit now:


1. Curating news around events as an alternative to pitching for traditional media coverage: Take a product launch — they could curate who’s saying what from among their customers, partners and consumers. It’s an opportunity to create a resource and put it up on their media page.


2. Curating trusted, publicly accessible resources to increase reputation:

A high quality curation of content can reflect well on the organisation, increasing its reputation. It could be done by a team or a single employee, selecting what is relevant, pulling it into one place, commenting on why it’s important, and then making it accessible.


3. Giving employees access to social media, so they can share internally curated news outside the organisation...


4. Curating information to help employees work smarter: An example is external news on the intranet. Lots of intranets offer it, but often it comes from an external provider and is like a firehose — some of it not so relevant, and you can have multiple versions of the same story from different media outlets...."


More helpful info, tools and tips that can help large organizations leverage curation in the rest of the article here:

Via Giuseppe Mauriello
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