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Robin Good: Referly is a revolutionary curation platform offering the ability to create great-looking thematic collections of products, that you can promote and share online.

Referly offers a gorgeous user interface, which makes it very simple to find and collect any kind of product you may be looking for, as well as to create great-looking shopping front-ends.

Through an integrated search engine you can rapidly find fashion items, photo and video tools or your favorite books and start listing them inside your most appropriate collection.

In your collections you can easily edit individual items, resize them or drag them easily to new positions. It is next to impossible to make a collection look ugly.

Referly connects to a large number of products suppliers and it also allows you to earn rewards when you generate sales on products from anyone of these sites:

You can also endorse, collect and share just about any product you find online by using the dedicated bookmarklet.

I am truly impressed by Referly, as I see an addictive opportunity both for passionate connoiseurs to share their know-how as well as for any product seller wanting to taste the future of trust-based, realtionship marketing.

This is the future of shopping.

Here is a sample collection I have just created of tools for videomakers:

and here another one for iPhone/iPad video tools:

Free to use.

How it works:

Try it out now: