Curate Brands, Issues and Stories with Informative Data Widgets Arranged in Visual Dashboards: Sparkwise | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Sparkwise is a new, open-source free web service which allows you to assemble and curate beautiful looking data-dashboards containing the most relevant info and data about a person, a company or an issue. You choose.

How does it work. 

You simply connect your social accounts to Sparkwise and then you start to drag and configure the widget buttons representing different data types onto your page. For example you can drag a Twitter Fan Count widget and specify for which Twitter account you want that widget to display the data. There are widgets for just about anything from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Analytics statistical counters to any data, image or video coming from other sources. You can even type in your own data.

You can create as many dashboard/pages as you like, and publish only the one you want, while keeping control of which widhets and data everyone gets to see.

If you want to create visual engaging story-pages with lots of data to support your focus, this is really a great tool to explore.




Try it out now: