King of News: Find First the News You Are More Interested In - Upcoming Online Course with Robin Good | Content Curation World |

If you are an Italian reader of this channel you may be interested in knowing that on March 15 and 22 there will be an online course (in Italian) devoted to those who are interested in staying on top of the news in their niche, while saving time in finding what is really valuable.

King of News - Come Essere il Primo a Scoprire le News del tuo Settore nella Metà del Tempo - is the first of an long series of short courses that I will be offering in conjunction with the POP Campus from now until July and covering all steps needed to build a value-generating service online.

This new online course follows a recent two-day set that was devoted to "news curation" and which had been organized and sponsored by VPS with the title "Diventa il Nuovo Google".  

The specific focus of King of Nes is on "news discovery" and "topic monitoring" tools, as well as on techniques and strategies that helps news reporters, journalists and bloggers find the stories that may interest them the most.

**Special Bonuses for participants:

1) As a reader of this newsradar you can utilize the discount coupon "robingoodscoops" to redeem a full 20% discount on the entry ticket (10 available).

2) Participants to the course also get a 2 month free VIP access to a Business account (value $158)

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