Robin Good: YouTube is moving further ahead in the effort to find new and effective ways to "curate" its most valuable content and in doing it it may just provide a better service than live TV.

In this light it has partnered with Storyful, a content curation platform provider, to give life to a series of new curated channels with user-generated videos, covering live emergency crises around the world as they happen.

SocialMediaToday (AU) reports: ""YouTube collates Storyful’s verified footage and provides the most up to date clips in the separate Crisis Response One Box at the top of the search results, so that people can view legitimate and genuine footage relevant to the event, and keep apprised of what’s happening. Often, before they will be able to view it via mainstream media outlets..."

"YouTube created the Crisis Response One Box in conjunction with Storyful in an attempt to provide almost instant access to the latest breaking news footage in the event of a crisis or disaster.

Information can be slow-flowing, particularly in making its way around the globe. Users don’t have to wait for their local news station to provide an update."

Mashable reports:"...The tool curates the most up-to-date videos and information on major crises and disasters.

YouTube implemented it for the first time on Monday, once news of the floods broke.

The box also includes text information and resources, including links to Google’s Crisis Response project and related news."

"...the Crisis Response One Box includes three types of content: a curated playlist of videos, a Google News cluster about the crisis and the Google Crisis Response page. All of these resources are regularly updated until the crisis abates, when the box will no longer appear with the search results."

Source: Mashable

Curated video page:

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