Content Curation Must Be Targeted To a Specific Tribe: The Same Content for Everyone Is The Wrong Way To Go | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: This article (no author name) on Curata raises a very important questions for those responsible to select and publish content for a medium to large organization.

The issue is: do you address all of the possible customer tribes, in additional to existing and potential clients, or do you curate and select content for a specific tribe?

While the article overall answer acknowledges that only big brands have the power to do so and that it is more than OK not to specialize too much, my feeling is that it will be impossible for those companies who will not be able to curate content that is highly specific to their unique relevant tribes, to compete with those that will do so.

Given the size and present communication strategy of many large companies, this is not something that will happen overnight, but in my view it is certain that companies which are not able to "curate" and communicate on th exact wavelength of their customers will have an increasingly hard and competitive future ahead, even when pitched against much smaller competitors.

Stimulating. 7/10

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