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Robin Good: The brainchild of Rafat Alì (, Skift is a new web company dedicated to gather, analyze, research and curate news and information for the travel industry and the international business traveler community.

Skift it is a mix of aggregation (pure software), curation (semi-software, human intelligence), licensed (from sources such as
AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, LAT, Guardian, Telegraph & many others), and original reporting.

In particulat Skift highlights in its About page a specific interest for targeting its resources toward helping business travellers who seek expert advice to identify the best and most appropriate solutions for their ravelling needs.

The official road map reads now: "First phase starts with a news/info/data site for the travel industry, and then will add a consumer site aimed at business travelers; from news/info for the industry to news-you-can-use for active travelers."

The curation platform utilized is PublishThis (

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