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Robin Good: TravelAvenue is a new, Pinterest-like, visual pinning space that allows anyone to easily clip and collect favorite places, travel destinations and itineraries.

real travel guide made of travelers best findings.

The service resembles in many ways Pinterest as it allows its users to clip, pin, re-pin and collect items onto visual boards in a very Pinterest-like fashion.

For TravelAvenue the official goal is one of making trip planning experience more simple and fun through technology and collaboration.

"Also, online trip planning today is mainly a solitary research process whereas in “real life” the advice people trust the most are their family and friend’s. That’s why we want to make it more collaborative and social. In the age of social, “social planning” makes sense!"

Three the key approaches to help users successfully collect and find the travel info they are interested into: "1) The trip collections: it’s a personal space on Travelavenue where you will store all your findings from TravelAvenue and around the web while preparing your trip.

2) The Travelavenue pin-it button: it enables you to bookmark the Internet pages you want to remember and also to link it to the relevant location to Travelavenue’s broad catalog of addresses. For instance you can link a page about the Eiffel Tower to Travelavenue’s Eiffel Tower page. 

3) The collaborative travel guide: we use the curation work done by the community through the creation of trip collections to build a “best of the web” travel guide updated permanently by users adding and picking places."

(Source: http://www.tnooz.com/2012/07/04/tlabs/travelavenue-wants-to-be-the-pinterest-for-travel-with-a-few-twists/)

Travelavenue is available in 17 languages

More info: http://www.travelavenue.com/