Robin Good: BoxFish is a free TV content search engine capable of finding any words you specify inside any american show, news or other TV content program. BoxFish is presently available as a demo app on the Web and as a full-featured app on the iPad which acts also as a TV remote.

BoxFish indexes all spoken words inside any news, sports, documentary, entertainment program on all major US TV networks allowing you to search by "words" what you want to see right now and lining up all of the TV content matching your request.

The fully featured iOS app acts also as a TV remote, making it possible for you to tap and see immediately any show you have found. See demo here:

From Digitaltrends: "The Boxfish Live iPad app searches every word spoken and trending on television and replaces your remote to bring it to your TV instantly. iPad app that allows you to search for TV content in real-time and then acts as a remote, changing the channel to the results as you want to view.

...The Boxfish Live Guide shows you a bar of currently trending television content, which can also be broken down by genre. Users can search and discovery what’s on by channel, topics, and words.

You can set alerts...

...The app won’t only act as a disconnected second screen, but as a remote that will instantly connect you to what it’s surfacing for you. Right now, it works with DirecTV and TiVo.

...The idea is to end channel surfing and get you into the shows you actually want to see.


Free in the App Store for iPhone and iPad:  (only available in the US app store)

Try the web demo: