Robin Good: Videobuilder is a web-based video publishing platform which allows you to curate, organize, and manage both your own video content as well as all of the existing video material accessible put there.

Andrew Petherick, Director of Videobuilder, explains in this video what Videobuilder can do and how it's used by exhibition organisers and magazine publishers.

While there are quite a few other video curation and publishing platforms out there, video builder has to its advantage a unique and fully customizable video player (that can be published also on Facebook) supporting multiple channels, a full multimedia editor, the ability to receive user video submissions and to moderate them, as well as the option to create paywalls for specific videos or sections.

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Pricing starts at £99 (British pounds) /month and goes up to £299/mo for the top level offering. A 14-day free trial available.

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Some interesting video tutorials:
Creating your advanced player: 

Manually searching for and adding video content: 

Using automated video ad leads and alerts:
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