Information Research: Search Multiple Types of Content Simultaneously with Slikk | Content Curation World |

Robin Good: Slikk is a new search engine with some unique features to help you search and discover relevant content faster.

"Up until today, if you weren't sure which of the search results was the one you need, you had two options: opening up a bunch of browser tabs, or clicking search results and then the browser "back" button until you found what you needed.

SearchBrowsing allows you to open search results and browse their website in an embedded window right on the search page, drastically reducing the time needed to find what you're looking for."

Slikk lets you also search and view various types of results simultaneously.

"The MultiView feature allows you to display one type of search result on the left side of the screen and another on the right side.

On either side, you can choose between web, image, news, video, blog or Twitter results. For example, you can have web results on the left side and images on the right side. Or news on the left and Twitter on the right.

Slikk also saves your settings, so once you've opened MultiView, any subsequent visits to Slikk will give you both types of results. 


Finally Slikk lets you share any search result (web, images, videos, etc) with your social network or by email. Just click the share icon next to the search result." 

Try it out: