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Robin Good: Hublished has announced a new web service, launching privately this fall, that allows "publishers" to host, upload and deliver live webinars, and for "peers" to find, curate, organize and save the most interesting ones into their own collections / hubs.

For the first time ever, educated consumers and professionals can discover and share live, recent, and upcoming content from brands and experts.

"Hublished solves two problems, for the two different types of users that will be on the site.

For experts and brands, whom we call Publishers, Hublished is a central location they can promote upcoming webinars and upload recent ones, in order to reach new consumers and generate leads. For professionals and industry enthusiasts, whom we call Peers, Hublished provides a discovery and curation platform that helps them separate the hacks from the experts when it comes to cutting-edge information and continuing education."

Source: http://nibletz.com/2012/08/new-jersey-startup-hublished-is-the-virtual-convention-connection-interview/

Find out more / request an invite: http://hublished.com/